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Every Concealment Cabinet comes with the following: 

  • RFID Lock - (Deterant Solution Only)
  • LED Motion Sensored Light
  • Gas Struts For Easy Opening Of Lid
  • 2 Inch Foam Insert


The cabinet lid is custom made with an image of your choosing or choose from one of our stock images.  If choosing a stock image, simply add the image to your cart at no extra cost.  If chosing a custom image, you will be able to upload an image to us after checkout.


Color stain options are available. Please contact us for image detail questions. We will work closely with you to bring your custom Concealed Cabinet to "Full Circle".


Foam insert is to be custom cut and shaped by you, the customer. Therefore, what will fit in the cabinet will be dependant upon your cutting of the foam.  The foam is slightly over sized compared to the opening of the cabinet. 


***DISCLAIMER***  360 Degree Innovations holds no liability in the event the foam is improperly cut, causing items placed in the foam to fall out and become damaged/destroyed.


Cabinet Dimesions- 12.5" X 24.5"  with a slightly oversized lid.  Prior to ordering, please ensure the items you wish to place in the cabinet will fit.  The cabinet can be mounted directly to a wall stud utilizing pre drilled pocket holes.


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